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BASE Studios

Vauxhall’s history is rooted in performance.

From tap dancing creator William Henry Lane drawing cross to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in the 1800s with his ‘Juba dance’, to our outrageous alternative and drag performers at The RVT in the present day, we always dare to be different and show off, darling! No wallflowers here. 

To carry on the legacy of Vauxhall’s shining stars, we turn to BASE studios who offer a space for the up-and-coming to hone their craft, and classes for those who love to strut their stuff for fun.

Since 2018 BASE Studios have been a fixture on Tinworth Street. Within walking distance from the Pleasure Gardens and the River Thames, we caught up with co-founder Dax to chat about their Vauxhall story, and how it almost wasn’t to be.

Who are you, and what do you do?

We’re a multi-purpose dance studio located in central London offering a wide range of dance and fitness classes open for all levels within a warm, fun and creative atmosphere.

We have over 50 years of combined experience within the entertainment industry and our Directors have performed on some of the most famous stages around the world. With our knowledge, passion and working with some of the most elite creatives and rehearsed at the biggest and best rehearsal studios, we believed there was a need for a new home that would become a BASE for the best in training. We also offer our space for professional rehearsals, castings, events and meetings.

What does Vauxhall mean to you?

Vauxhall is steeped in a deep history of being a home for creatives and individuals within entertainment. We feel our brand, and our clientele, feel at home within the environment of Vauxhall. With the Thames River running right past our front door, and the Houses of Parliament in view across the bridge, we feel at the very heart of the UK and indulge in the energy of the area.

What is your favourite thing about Vauxhall?

The expressive character. There is an individuality allowed in Vauxhall that you don’t see in other parts of the city.

Tell us something no one knows about you

Our business was never originally going to be located in Vauxhall. There were three previous premises we had submitted planning permission for in central London and were close to signing an agreement to move in. But, as a new company, others never took us seriously and estate agents overlooked us to move bigger companies in. 

Each time we came closer, a more established company would be allowed to jump the queue to take away the potential new home for our business venture. We came close to giving up before we received a call to say the local council of Vauxhall enjoyed our proposal and felt the energy and tone of our business would suit the area. 

The estate agents then opened up the gates to large premises which had been off the market for 15 years, simply sitting there deteriorating. We didn’t care about its sad demeanour, but only saw its potential. We jumped at the chance and built it from scratch, giving it a new facelift to reveal what is now BASE Studios today.

Fancy dropping into one of their classes?
From Hip-Hop to Heels and Feels, there’s something for every level. The studio is also open for hire for rehearsals, castings, events or to use as a meeting space. Book and enquire here.