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Yoga Improvers Workshop at Embody Wellness

Embody Vauxhall yoga improvers class - 3 people in upside down yoga poses wide angle

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26 October 2019



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Reconnect with your body and find your centre of gravity in this workshop dedicated to balancing postures.

October’s yoga improvers workshop with Lynne Fugard will focus on arm balances of all shapes and sizes: defying gravity one pose, one transition, at a time.

After a brief warm-up to prepare the body, we’ll be playing with several exercises to experience the inner engagement, alignment and buoyancy required to take weight into the hands and float the feet off the mat. There will be opportunities to encounter a whole ream of arm balances – from the firefly to the dragonfly – perhaps even soaring effortlessly between them. Rather than relying on brute upper-body strength, Lynne will offer expert tips and guidance demonstrating that the ability to fly in your yoga practice often comes down to finding subtle tipping points, working with counterbalance, using the whole of the body to express the pose, and all whilst breathing, breathing, breathing!

Whether just beginning to lift off into your crow pose, or investigating the possibility of gliding in between balances, beginner versions will be offered alongside more advanced modifications so that this workshop will have something for everyone.