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Bridge Command Immersive Theatre

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01 April - 30 June 2024

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Vauxhall’s historic legacy takes a step into the future. Space enthusiasts and adventure seekers, this one’s for you. An immersive gaming and theatre experience has just arrived in Vauxhall and it will make your childhood dreams of being in outer space a reality.

The latest brainchild from the pioneers of interactive theatre, Parabolic Theatre, Bridge Command is a space-themed experience that combines gaming with the performing arts. Enjoy, get involved, and explore a new side of entertainment.


The starship set

The custom-built starship set will transport you into a galaxy far, far away as you and your team take on different roles and work with the different stations on the ship’s bridge. Think science, command, engineering, and more as you combine your expertise and work together for a successful mission. The set comes with everything from bunkers to escape shuttles to give you the most realistic and immersive experience possible.

(c) Alex Brenner.


Exploration or battle

Bridge Command offers two mission types – Military and Exploration. Whether you’re engaging in ship-to-ship combat or uncovering the mysteries of the cosmos, your choices matter. The bridge simulation software seamlessly integrates with the physical set, ensuring every twist and turn in the simulation manifests as real-time sparks and surprises on the ship.


Crew and characters

You won’t be the only one playing a role as you’ll be accompanied by professional actors playing significant characters in your space adventure. They’re there to add a dynamic layer of complexity and excitement to your mission and also to remind you of the very important task you have at hand as a crew member of a starship.

(c) Alex Brenner.


Episodic immersive experiences

Bridge command isn’t just a one-off thrill; it’s your story, a saga that continues based on your decisions and personal adventures. No two visits will be the same and you get to be the main character of your own sci-fi show. With every visit, you also get a spacesuit to wear with badges and patches to recognise your accomplishments and ranks. 


The countdown begins

Start the countdown as Bridge Command gets ready to lift off at the end of March. Who knows? This may just be how you spend your bank holiday weekend! The preview performances last until 21st April that will get you a taste of the immersive experience at a discounted price so you really don’t want to miss this opportunity. 

The spot also has a themed bar for those of you who may want the vibe but not really in the mood for the work, and cadet experiences for under-16s. There really is something for everyone.

So strap in and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!