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Explore Vauxhall’s Indoor Food Markets

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Vauxhall is fast becoming one of London’s hottest destinations for food lovers, and with the introduction of three new indoor food markets, there’s never been a better time to visit. These vibrant markets offer an array of culinary delights from around the world, making Vauxhall a must-visit for anyone seeking diverse and delectable dining experiences. Here’s your guide to exploring the best indoor food markets Vauxhall has to offer. 


The Garden Vauxhall 

Nestled under the arches of Vauxhall’s railway line, The Garden is a bustling hub. This covered market features a variety of street food vendors, offering everything from gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizzas to exotic dishes from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The vibrant atmosphere, live music, and large seating area make it a perfect spot for a relaxed lunch or an evening out with friends.


What to Try:

  • Gourmet Burgers: Juicy, handcrafted burgers with unique toppings.
  • Asian Fusion: From sushi rolls to spicy Thai curries, there’s something for every palate.
  • Sweet Treats: Indulge in freshly made churros, crêpes, and other sweet delights.

Market Place Vauxhall

Market Place Vauxhall, right next to the station, is an indoor market with an eclectic mix of street food vendors, artisanal producers, and speciality stalls. Market Place Vauxhall has something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal. Its lively, communal atmosphere makes it a great place to hang out with friends or meet new people while enjoying a variety of cuisines.


What to Try:

  • Global Street Food: Sample a variety of dishes from Mexican tacos to Middle Eastern falafel.
  • Artisanal Baked Goods: Indulge in local bakers’ freshly baked pastries and bread.
  • Craft Cocktails: Sip on expertly mixed drinks that perfectly complement the array of food choices.

Metropolis London

The newest kid on the block is Metropolis London. It combines the best of street food with a lively beer garden atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely brunch, a quick lunch, or a casual dinner, you’ll find a variety of vendors offering mouthwatering dishes from around the globe. The market’s laid-back vibe and outdoor and indoor seating make it ideal for socialising and enjoying good food and drinks.


What to Try:

  • International Street Food: Sample dishes from Mexico, India, and beyond.
  • Craft Beers: Enjoy a cold pint from the extensive selection of local and international brews.
  • Live Entertainment: Music and events that add to the vibrant market atmosphere.

Vauxhall’s indoor food markets offer more than just places to eat—they’re vibrant destinations where you can explore a world of flavours and cultures. With a diverse array of food options ranging from traditional British favourites to exotic international dishes, there’s something to satisfy every taste. Beyond the food, they offer live music and themed events to add to the lively atmosphere, making each visit unique. 


Conveniently located and easily accessible by tube, bus, or bike, Vauxhall’s food markets are perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely day out. They are a must-visit for anyone looking to discover new culinary delights in London.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, bring your appetite, and head to Vauxhall to discover the foodie delights that await you. Bon appétit!