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Dubmorphology at Beaconsfield

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02 October - 03 November 2019

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Following on from the fantastic Spirit_Off event at Beaconsfield as part of the London Arts Festival, Emerge, Dubmorphology is brought to Beaconsfield by Trevor Mathison and Gary Stewart, who have both achieved so much in raising the profile of black artists in Britain.

Working through the sonic and visual lenses of radical possibility, they draw on experiences as children born in Britain of post-war migrants to create new and oblique relations to received meaning. The work emerges from the artists’ direct response to specific sites and environments, exploring social and political issues through a combination of historical and contemporary material.

A combination of music, visual art and spoken word are used for commissioning social experiment, a key part of Dubmorphology’s philosophy.

The project has been in part funded by Art Council England, National Lottery Fund and Vauxhall One.