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Bearpit Karaoke

Come and strut your stuff at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens with karaoke anthems, lots of energy and even more singing (some of it in tune!) – this is not to be missed.

Bring mates, stay for the atmosphere and the odd car crash.

Tickets are FREE, just show up.


Four summer dates, 3pm-7pm:


After Bearpit: Grab something to eat at one of the nearby pubs like The Jolly Gardners or Black Dog or try the al fresco Portuguese dining experiences along the Embankment. Not hungry? Continue the jollies in one of the many bars and pubs in Vauxhall. Singing your heart out (or watching someone else do it) is hard work after all.

 Vauxhall Bearpit Karaoke | Saturday 11 September image