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The Over Sixties Youth Club – Vauxhall London

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The Over Sixties Youth Club – Vauxhall London

We are a group of over sixties youth in Vauxhall, London. Our group was launched this Summer with the aim to meet once a month at first. We hope to increase this to weekly, then daily as we grow and secure our own premises. We’re really lucky to be supported by local businesses in Vauxhall and we’re currently meeting in a local venue, FIRE.

We’re a grassroots organisation and we want to help reduce the social poverty that comes from isolation and to celebrate our age group. We invite over sixties to come together regularly and foster an ambience of mutual support, information sharing and networking with other groups.

In our infancy, we have been building relationships with other groups and renewing old relationships.

We developed this initiative due to the needs of over sixties: families moving away, deaths of loved ones, breakdown of relationships, health issues both physical and mental and loneliness caused by changed neighbourhoods.

We enjoy the banter, comradeship and the networking with other groups to provide social activities.

Collectively and cooperatively we have a wealth of experience that can benefit this group and we can empower everyone involved to help develop it and run it in the future.

We would like to say a particular thank you to FIRE, Waitrose, Vauxhall One and the Out and About Club for their support.