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South London Acupuncturist, Lisa Milnes

South London Acupuncture Vauxhall

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South London Acupuncturist, Lisa Milnes

We caught up with a Vauxhall local of over 10 years who is also a proud northerner, and a wonderful acupuncturist. Meet Lisa Milnes, and discover some top tips on how to stay calm.
“Being part of this South London neighbourhood is the closest I’ve felt to home since moving to London 22 years ago. I am proud to be part of such a diverse locality with such a rich and welcoming community.”
It’s lovely to hear such words, and not uncommon from anyone who has been able to call Bonnington Square home, a gorgeous walking spot and (usually) great place to visit Café Italo or Bonnington Café.
“We have everything on our doorstep, the river, great food, fantastic nightlife, a farm, lovely gardens. There is a proud history of community activism. If we have learned anything from this pandemic it is that we can’t do anything on our own. I look forward to working with others in the community to be part of the coalition we need to help Vauxhall’s recovery”.

Having benefited from acupuncture to alleviate chronic migraines, Lisa decided to retrain as an acupuncturist. After her degree she worked in clinics across London and the Middle East treating a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.

Below, Lisa shares some top tips to remain calm and collected, during COVID-19, but don’t forget these thoughts are universal and can help whatever the stress!

Breathing exercises

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, expanding your belly. Pause. Exhale slowly to the count of five. Repeat four times. Try and practice this every day. Controlled breathing has been shown to reduce stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system.


Make sure you don’t hunch over your laptop or sit too long on the sofa. Keep moving around and stretch your back. Reduce your sedentary time by standing up whenever possible. Ideally, aim to interrupt sitting and reclining time every 30 minutes.

Stay hydrated

Sip warm fluids like green tea or hot water with lemon and ginger.  Lemons are great for cleansing and an excellent source of vitamin C, which is essential in getting rid of mucus-forming bacteria. Dry lungs are prone to irritation so you should try and drink between six and eight glasses. 


It is extremely important in difficult times to try and spread warmth and joy around, especially for children. 

Limit scroll time

Social media and the news can cause unnecessary stress and over-thinking.

Healthy balanced diet

Fresh fruit and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system to help fight off infections.


Go to bed before midnight, rest when you are tired and give yourself permission to take a break and de-stress.

Stay active

It doesn’t need to be much, and everyone is different. Follow an online exercise class. Dancing, playing with children, yoga, pilates, cleaning and gardening are all ways to stay active at home. 


Though it can be difficult it’s important to remember to stay positive; it has many benefits including boosting our immune system. Worry has no useful purpose. Accept that you have no control over the situation.


There is a point located on the hand which is great for relieving colds and flu, treating pain anywhere in the body and helping to relieve hangovers! (this point should not be used if you are pregnant).

With your index finger and thumb, apply firm pressure to the webbing between the thumb and index finger of your other hand. Massage the pressure point for four to five seconds, taking slow, deep breaths. This can be done several times each day but you should give your body a break if any points are sore to the touch. 

Visit Lisa’s website, South London Acupuncture, for more information.