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Horse Meat Disco at Eagle LDN

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Horse Meat Disco at Eagle LDN

Established in 2004 at The Eagle, Horse Meat Disco has evolved from the queer underground into a powerful force in club culture, while staying firmly rooted to its original home, each and every Sunday.

Co-founded by James Hillard and Jim Stanton, and encompassing residents Severino and Luke Howard, the crew continue to maintain not only the weekly Sunday party but several residencies in cities across the world. Plus a kaleidoscope of guest slots, festival dates and specially curated mixes.

We asked the ever-stylish DJ supremo, Severino, to tell us a bit more about what Vauxhall means to him, how it’s changing and his favourite memories.

He told us; “I moved from Italy to South London in 1997 and Vauxhall was already pretty much a nighttime weekend destination. The RVT was already there but for me, Crash (in the arches) was very important because, thanks to Jim Stanton, I had my first ever gig within its sweaty walls in late 1998. At the time I played very underground music and the vibe was amazing. This was the start of Beyond and other after-hour clubs. The idea to bring HMD to the Eagle was a no brainer – it was the perfect spot. It has been amazing for us to be in Vauxhall but it is changing a lot.”

Severino is someone who has worked in the area for a long time and thinks it’s the community that keeps it alive adding, “Vauxhall is [such] an important place for the community for sure.”

He looks back fondly; “those crazy after-hours were amazing …even going for the first time to the Hoist (leather only gay bar) was an experience”. And his pride for Vauxhall as the home of Horse Meat Disco remains strong, “the fact that HMD is still there every week means it’s a proper destination!”

To listen to past sets and keep up to date on all things HMD head to @horse_meat_disco and listen one of their latest mixes by clicking here.