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F45 Vauxhall opens – we meet the owners

Interior of the F45 Gym in Vauxhall
Interior of the F45 Gym in Vauxhall
Interior of the F45 Gym in Vauxhall

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F45 Vauxhall opens – we meet the owners

What is F45 Vauxhall and why is it different to other fitness offerings?

F45 is the fastest growing fitness network in the world and a truly unique training experience with our own innovative technology.

We stand for Functional 45: 45 minute classes using only functional movements to sculpt your body whilst aiding you to move better in everyday life.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday is cardio; Tuesday and Thursday are resistance; and Saturday is a hybrid of both with the fantastic addition of an in house DJ.

We are different to other fitness offerings as we offer personal training in a class environment for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. Our motto is “team training, life changing”!

Every class has two Personal Trainers who navigate the room to correct form and keep you working safely, efficiently and motivate you throughout! There is a reason why in 4 years we already have almost 1500 studios worldwide!

What do you hope to achieve?

Health and happy members!

Who can get involved?

Everyone! F45 is for all levels of fitness. Our members include everyone from professional sportspeople to fitness beginners.

Why did you choose Vauxhall?

Vauxhall is an up and coming area with significant numbers of local residents, small companies and thousands of commuters each day.

We noticed there was nothing like us in the area to serve everyone. So we are here!

What’s you experience been like in your first few weeks?

We LOVE it! The take up has been immense: we are nearly full for Saturday classes and we are seeing an increasing number of members each day.

The locals keep popping in to meet us and we already feel part of the community.