Wondrous Vulva at Ovalhouse

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09 May - 25 May 2019


Full: £16 or Concession: £10

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Wondrous Vulva is the journey of Brain and Clitoris on a voyage of self-discovery through the garden of sexuality.

It asks the question – why would a confident, 21st century woman feel inadequate when talking to her partner about sex? The play explores some of the ideas planted during adolescence, such as: ‘Only Boys Masturbate’, ‘You Are A Sex Object’, and ‘Female Genitals are Gross’.

This is a story of self-love, encompassing shame, pride, fury and liberation. Revealed is the hidden battle between Brain and Clitoris; Appetite and Ego; shame-free sensuality and the desperate need to be ‘normal’, which everyone will recognise, regardless of gender.

From the team who made the ‘sublime’ My World Has Exploded A Little Bit, this searingly honest play is directed by Donnacadh O’Briain, Olivier award-winner for Rotterdam, and has movement direction by Liz Ranken, a founding member of DV8.