Sometimes I Leave at Ovalhouse

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10 October - 12 October 2019



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Inspired by the playwright's Asperger's diagnosis, Sometimes I Leave is a stigma-smashing, anxiety-fuelled look into the process of needing to leave situations, and an ode to the brains among us that work a little bit differently.

Vijay Patel was diagnosed with Asperger’s nearly 20 years ago, so now he’s reclaiming his lived experiences by bringing them to the Ovalhouse’s stage via performance art, video and theatre. In Sometimes I Leave, the audience is invited to discover a new world that’s been designed for ‘othered’ brains, where their neurodivergent qualities are celebrated and cared for, rather than discriminated against. These brains are then examined in the context of social pressures, societal anxieties and that overwhelming need to leave situations.  The 1-hour-long show is part of Ovalhouse’s FiRST BiTES, a series of events designed to give fans a sneak peek at upcoming shows and offer their feedback, at a discounted price, so if you have thoughts after the show, you’ll be more than welcome to pass them on.