Self Doll at Gasworks

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Gasworks contemporary art gallery and studios

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01 October - 20 December 2020


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Artist Eduardo Nevarro hasn’t been perturbed by Lockdown 2.0!

It’s such a shame that the world hasn’t enabled the (breathspace) exhibition to continue for now, but team Gasworks in Vauxhall are always one step ahead. They’ve created a new online series of talks with the artist, giving everyone the opportunity to connect and ask any question they so choose.

Members of the public are welcome to submit a question to the artist, both in-person and online. Questions may address any topic ranging from the work in the exhibition to art, life, love or the universe. Navarro will answer selected questions in a series of online videos hosted by the artist’s surrogate.

The first episode has already been streamed via the Gasworks social channels and there will be three more throughout the lockdown period. Questions to Self-Doll so far have included ‘why the colour orange?’ and ‘what is the most beautiful aspect of human nature?’. You really do have license to ask as you wish (although anything not deemed appropriate will not make the cut!).

It’s a great way to engage with one of our favourite art spaces during a time when it is far harder to connect with people. The team will announce when the next video of Self-Doll answering questions will be live on their social channels!