Rootbound: rewilding a life book launch at Garden Museum

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18 February 2020

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Notifications, 24-hour news, commuting...the modern world has never been quite so hectic. But finding solace in the middle of all the madness is Alice Vincent, who reveals how she escapes into a world of urban gardening to discover inner peace in her new book, Rootbound.

Join her at the Garden Museum for the launch of her new horticulturally themed memoir, where she’ll be praising the simple joys of gardening, and how tending her plants has helped ground her in a world that can often feel overwhelming. The book itself has been described as “breathing fresh spring air” and “achingly honest”, so if you’re feeling run down by the unrelenting winter weather, head along and even pick up a copy for yourself, so you can too learn the joys of bringing the outside in.