Room to Breathe at The Migration Museum

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01 February - 28 July 2019

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Open the door, put down your suitcase, take off your coat, let the outside world fade away. This is where it begins. A room that you can start to call a home. A room to breathe

Please note that from Monday 29 June 2019 onwards, Room to Breathe is only open for group visits booked in advance. To find out more and enquire about a group visit, please contact info@migrationmuseum.org.

Room to Breathe is an immersive experience inviting you to discover stories from generations of new arrivals to Britain. Journey through a series of rooms filled with personal narratives and objects that bring to life the struggles, joys, creativity and resilience of living in a new land.

Explore rooms to sleep, eat, create and meet. Make these rooms your own. Open drawers, look through cupboards, settle into an armchair. Contribute your story and make connections to the past and present.