Mother Kelly’s Vauxhall

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01 April - 31 August 2020

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Do you miss the 33 taps of our distinguished craft beer haven?

You can now order from the Mother Kelly’s online shop instead of visiting their Vauxhall arch, with weekday deliveries within 24 hours of placing your order. Why not try something from the excellent locally based Orbit beers, where you can try a reasonably easy sounding Nico lager, or if you fancy something a little different (and you should, living in Vauxhall!) why not try a Tzatziki Sour? A perfect way to make your way through the range of flavours that Mother Kelly’s loves to encourage you to try, and a perfect excuse to enjoy at home whilst their Vauxhall doors are closed.

Note, they also sell jam doughnut Negronis, what more does lockdown need?