Like a sturgeon at RVT

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22 May 2019


£8.80 ADV / £10 OTD

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Ripley returns to the RVT with her sell-out show Especially For EU, and this time its a Deluxe Edition!

The five star anti-Brexit cabaret has been extended with new acts, new characters and even more Kylie!

LIKE A STURGEON: ESPECIALLY FOR EU DELUXE EDITION  is 100% lipsynced, combining politics, parodies and Kylie’s greatest hits as Ripley channels the likes of Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Melania Trump and Nicola Sturgeon.

From a no deal Brexit to a Bauhaus discotheque and a secret liaison in Paris, ESPECIALLY FOR EU will explore the latest developments in the most painful breakup since Kylie left Jason.

Each act is mixed and recorded by Ripley herself, containing her own vocal impressions, musical parodies and unique brand of ironic humour. Joining Ripley on stage will be very special guests Tia Kofi as Meghan Markle, Poppycock as the ghost of Margaret Thatcher and Like A Sturgeon regular Elle as SNP spitfire Mhairi Black! For this exclusive Deluxe Edition, Ripley will also be joined by Rose Garden, playing the only person who can stop Brexit – Uri Geller!