Lauren Gault at Gasworks

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23 January - 22 March 2020


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Lauren Gault will be taking up a residency at Gasworks for her first ever solo exhibition in London. There, she’ll be demonstrating her most recent conceptual experiments, exploring how boundaries can be dissolved and ideas suspended in time.

Visitors can expect to see her unique sculptures realised in irregular materials, from polished horn and blown glass, to stitched suede and silicone rubber. Gault’s work is built around the idea that activities and intent can be suspended or replayed in a new way, so anticipate pieces that involve pressure, tension and release, or are focused around dissolving boundaries.  Gault will also be showcasing some of her research on the writings of Martha Craig, a little-known Irish-born explorer, writer and scientist born in the late 1800s, of whom Gault is a distant relative. Gault will draw on Martha Craig’s ground-breaking ideas about physics for additional inspiration for the show.  Lauren Gault, a Glasgow-based artist, will the fourth artist to take part in the Freelances Gasworks Partnership, designed to highlight the work of emerging artists from outside the capital The exhibition will later travel to The Tetley in Leeds.