Food store shopping during lockdown in Vauxhall

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01 April - 31 August 2020

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We can’t enjoy shops, bars and restaurants as we would normally but many of our amazing local businesses are thinking differently and have a new way of operating.

Groceries and food from Vauxhall eateries are now being delivered, so check out how you can support local for your food shopping!


Millars General Store – Black Prince Road’s excellent store is open and continues to supply delicious fruit, veg and store cupboard essentials. It’s one in, one out but there have been sightings of flour, so be quick.


Brunswick House – there is food delivered, and there is Brunswick House food delivered. Think slow-roasted seasonal veg, cured meats and sharing feasts for the senses. Treat yourself by visiting their website and arrange collection or delivery.


Mother Kelly’s – if you miss the 33 taps of our distinguished craft beer haven, you can now order from the Mother Kelly’s online shop instead, with weekday deliveries within 24 hours of placing your order. Note, they also sell jam doughnut Negronis, what more does lockdown need?


Darby’s – certainly somewhere to add to your post-lockdown restaurant list. However, their interim groceries shop is open daily so you can home-cook in style. But why not do lockdown properly and take home some chicken liver mousse and truffle jam? Essentials, surely.

Cotton’s – delicious jerk chicken is still available via Deliveroo, just find them on the app. No Caribbean sunshine can be delivered at the same time, unfortunately, but the food is still just as delicious when served in your home.