Embodied Breath: Be The Breath, Become The Witness at Embody Wellness

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14 September 2019



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Whether you're keen to deepen your yoga practise, improve your meditation skills or simply bring a little more calm and relaxation into your life, this introductory breathwork session is the perfect way to get to grips with ancient breathing techniques.

By developing a mindful breathing technique, it’s said you can soothe your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, while boosting your energy levels and reducing stress and anxiety. The workshop will begin with a slow yoga practise to ease attendees in, followed by a discussion on the anatomy of breath and its effects before rounding off with a guided, breath-aligned meditation to leave you feeling zen and blissed out. The event is led by yoga and meditation teacher Mandy Jhamat, a dedicated practioner of breathwork who has been teaching for nine years.