Eat yourself healthy with Beth Marshall at the Garden Museum

Beth Marshall Garden Museum

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04 July - 20 September 2020



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Eat well and enjoy a trip to one of Vauxhall's most beautiful culture spots.

This event was originally planned for an April launch, but delayed due to, well, you know what. The wonderful Beth Marshall is releasing a book, ‘Grow Yourself Healthy’, and the Garden Museum plans to celebrate this with a talk from the author herself.

Beth’s book is a practical guide on how to grow a range of organic produce in your garden, whatever space you live in, and offer top tips on how to grow fruit, vegetables, seeds and herbs, all for the benefit of your own body. Not only does she explain how to grow things, she will also explain the many benefits this has for the human body.

The talk will describe the science behind eating well in an accessible way, meaning there is no fear of technical chat. This is the perfect chance to understand more about why our bodies are so wonderful, and everything that you can do to keep them in tip-top shape!

If you’ve not visited the luscious surroundings of the Garden Museum before, you’re in for a treat, the perfect backdrop in your quest to ‘Grow Yourself Healthy’. If you need a secluded spot to enjoy reading the book after the talk, we strongly suggest a trip to the Tea House Theatre, where you can enjoy tea, cake and snacks whilst surrounded by our own favourite green space, the Pleasure Gardens.