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St. Peter’s Church

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Tuesday 11.45-2pm
Thursday 11.45-2pm
Sunday 11am & 4pm mass


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A church that dates back to 1863, right in the heart of Vauxhall.

Arriving in the area after the closure of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (closed in 1859), St Peter’s church was created from a desire for a new space for the burgeoning community growing alongside the housing developments. It gained approval on the premise that no ‘pew rent’ was charged.

J L Pearson was the designated architect, having built the City & Guilds Art School which at the time lay next to the Church, but has since moved and still lives now in Kennington. Known for creating some of the greatest Gothic architecture of the time, it was a significant statement for the area.

Much of this beautiful architecture still survives today in the resplendent feel of the church. The building alone is worth the visit to St. Peter’s, so feel free to take a look inside during their open hours. Now, known for its exceptional acoustics, it is perfect for classical music recitals.

St Peter’s Today.

A welcoming community and beautiful building are open to all. Services on Sunday are at 11 am and 4 pm, for more information visit the website here.  There are a host of weekly events in the church including music sessions and prayer meetings. They are open to the Vauxhall community and beyond at all times.

St. Peter’s was also one of the first hosts of Classical Vauxhall, an event set up in 2020 to celebrate classical music with a contemporary twist. Billed as an informal opportunity to hear world-class musicians up close, three sold-out shows show there is hunger in the area for more events like this. Classical Vauxhall will return in 2021, and St. Peter’s will be looking to host more classical concerts in the meanwhile, so keep an eye out on our ‘What’s On‘ page for more information.