Garden Museum

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opening times

Open Sunday–Friday 10.30am–5.00pm


 First Monday each month

Open on bank holidays excluding Christmas Day and Boxing day

Food times

Monday to Friday 8am–5pm
Saturday 9am–5pm
Sunday 9am–5pm

Lunch served 12pm–3pm daily, (12pm–2pm Saturday)

Dinner served Tuesday and Friday 6pm–10pm


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The Garden Museum explores and celebrates British gardens and gardening through its collection, temporary exhibitions, events and garden. Visitors will also see a permanent display of paintings, tools, ephemera and historic artefacts: a glimpse into the uniquely British love affair with gardens. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur gardener, more of a specialist or someone with a passion for museums, history or architecture, the Museum has something for you.

Don’t forget to take a stroll through our carefully curated gardens, take a moment to breathe in our inner city oasis, or sit and enjoy the harmonious beauty of the plants and vegetation around you. Every Friday afternoon the Sackler Garden will be a place to switch off, connect with nature and relax in silence. Once inside the Silent Space, we stop talking, turn off our phones and cameras, and disconnect from social media. There are no other rules. Even as little as five minutes will help us to enjoy the restorative benefits of being peaceful in a green place. We also invite you to visit our award-winning Garden Café- refresh in our nature immersed, light filled space and enjoy our seasonal menu, carefully curated on a daily basis with its focus on fresh ingredients, celebrating seasonal British cuisine. Florian Wupperfeld awarded the Leading Culture Destinations: Best Restaurant accolade to the Garden Café, praising its culinary culture as “a hidden gem for art and food lovers alike’.